Polar H10 stopped working after update

Polar recently released an update for the Polar H10: https://support.polar.com/en/updates/polar-h10-firmware-update-219

After the update, the monitor may temporarily have trouble connecting to Elite HRV. Here are the steps to resolve this:

  1. Un-pair the heart rate monitor from the Polar app
  2. Un-pair the heart rate monitor from your phone's Bluetooth settings
  3. Un-pair the heart rate monitor from the Elite HRV app
  4. Turn Bluetooth off completely on your phone
  5. Make sure there are no nearby devices that would connect to your Polar H10 (no exercise equipment, laptops with Bluetooth, etc.)
  6. Turn Bluetooth back on
  7. Pair/save the Polar H10 in Elite HRV only - nowhere else
  8. Take a reading right away

These steps have worked for users after updating the Polar H10. They do not have to be performed every time, just to refresh the connection. If you are still running into issues, please try removing the battery from the device and then putting it back in, and sync it with the Elite HRV app first.

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