Wahoo TICKR Issues

Important Note: Please know that we've recently found the Wahoo TickR to be an unreliable HRV tracker and have removed it from our compatible devices page.

The Wahoo TICKR only transmits accurate R-R intervals for use with HRV measurements via Bluetooth only. Do not use the ANT+ feature of the Wahoo TICKR with Elite HRV.

Go to your "Devices" list within the Elite HRV app.

When connecting the Wahoo TICKR, select the device with a name like "TICKR 1234" (the 1234 will be unique to your device). Do not select the device with a generic name like "Device: 12345".

The TICKR device is usually the TICKR's Bluetooth connection. The generic device is usually the TICKR's ANT+ connection.

Still having trouble?

The TICKR sometimes switches to the ANT+ connection, so you may need to remove/re-save it.

If the TICKR is not showing up in the list at all, perform the following:

  1. "Kill" the Elite HRV app (close it completely from your phone's Recent Apps list)
  2. Take off the TICKR
  3. Open the Elite HRV app (but not the Connect HR Monitor screen)
  4. Put on the TICKR (with water or strap gel)
  5. Quickly open the Connect HR Monitor screen
  6. Tap the "TICKR 1234" (Bluetooth version of the TICKR) to save it in Elite HRV
  7. Quickly start an HRV reading

Additional background: After putting on the TICKR, it will stop sending signals out after a small amount of time if you haven't connected it. You may need to take the monitor off and put it back on to restart it sending signals.

To reset the Wahoo: 

  1. Remove the battery
  2. Flip the battery upside down and reinstall
  3. Leave battery installed upside down for 3 seconds
  4. Remove the battery and reinstall correctly
  5. Replace the battery cover

Hope this helps! See below for additional troubleshooting tips (recently updated!).

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