Polar H10 Connection Issues

Here are some connection troubleshooting steps specific to the Polar H10:

  1. Un-pair the heart rate monitor from the Polar app
  2. Un-pair the heart rate monitor from your phone's Bluetooth settings
  3. Un-pair the heart rate monitor from the Elite HRV app (swipe left on the H10 in the "Devices" screen and hit "delete")
  4. Log out of the app (save your login & PW)
  5. Turn Bluetooth off completely on your phone
  6. Turn you phone off for several minutes before turning it back on
  7. Make sure there are no nearby devices that would connect to your Polar H10 (no exercise equipment, laptops with Bluetooth, etc.)
  8. Turn Bluetooth back on
  9. Pair/save the Polar H10 in Elite HRV only - nowhere else
  10. Take a reading right away

You will not have to do this every time, this will help reset the app, phone and heart rate monitor. 

 Please let us know if you are still unable to get a connection at support@elitehrv.com.

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