Can I Buy CorSense Outside of the U.S. and Canada?

Due to long shipping delays resulting from the global pandemic we cannot guarantee our international customers a good user experience. We are very sorry but we are no longer shipping internationally apart from Canada. At this time we do not have any international CorSense distributors. 

We recommend the Polar Chest strap as an alternative. It is an excellent device and is available everywhere. Here is the link for it and all other compatible heart rate monitors with our app: Compatible Devices

If you do not wish to purchase a chest strap, there is a Waterproof Armband Heart Rate Monitor - Rhythm24 Heart Rate Monitor.

They’ve confirmed that the device measures accurate R-R intervals and will transmit the raw unaltered R-R intervals to 3rd party apps via a standard Bluetooth connection. We are still testing the device in house but all is looking great and we know that many app users are currently getting readings with this device.

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