CorSense HRV Data Different Than Other Device

You may see a slight difference in HRV results when comparing readings from 2 different hardware devices.

When it comes to your Morning Readiness which builds your HRV baseline, you'll want to stick with one device (though there is no problem if you want to switch to a new one for the long term, which we'll address farther down). 

When you switch hardware devices or change your Morning Readiness routine in some way, your HRV baseline needs about 10-14 days to adjust. You don't need to start over, as your HRV history is still valuable to you. What we do recommend is simply ignoring your Readiness recommendations until the baseline has had a chance to "catch up" Resetting Your HRV Baseline

There may be times that you wish to use the Polar H10 instead of the CorSense, such as for longer readings where it would be more convenient to wear a chest strap and not worry about keeping your hand/finger still with the CorSense. This could be for Biofeedback readings, guided breathing exercises, or readings taken throughout the day. 

We want to note that readings other than Morning Readiness (HRV snapshots, Open Readings, and Biofeedback readings), do not affect your HRV baseline calculation. So you can safely use the H10 for any other reading types without worrying about it affecting the new HRV baseline you are building. 

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