Is the Foundations of HRV Course Right for Me?

Since we have several courses to offer, you may be wondering if the Foundations of HRV course is the right place to start. This depends on your goals for learning about HRV.

Foundations of Heart Rate Variability was created for anyone interested in getting a solid foundation in the science and applications of HRV.

After covering the fundamental science and measurement of HRV, we discuss fitness, nutrition, medical, emotional, and other steps to modify HRV for better health and performance.

It also includes an HRV optimization checklist to help decide which options might be best to try first.

Warning: there are no immediate solutions - it all takes time and practice.

Please see the course information page for details: Foundations of HRV

If you have a more specific goal in mind, like using HRV Biofeedback or Guided Breathing, you may want to check out our other courses (link), first.

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