Signal Quality: Raw vs Corrected R-R Intervals

“Raw” RR intervals are the RR intervals that are received directly from the HR monitor and have not been cleaned or corrected for artifacts such as ectopic beats or signal noise.

“Corrected” RR intervals are the RR intervals after our algorithms have of detected and corrected artifacts such as ectopic beats or signal noise to provide a more valid signal for HRV analysis.

By comparing the “Raw” and “Corrected” RR intervals, you can see where artifacts existed and were corrected to better understand the quality of you measurement and validity of the results. To export your raw RR intervals, see this article (link).

The mobile app and web dashboard will show you your signal quality rating after each HRV measurement. This is what it looks like in both places:

Mobile App:

Web Dashboard:

It is also viewable in the Reading Details of any HRV reading. From the Data tab, select any reading:

This will open the reading details, where you can see the signal quality:

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