Sharing a phone/tablet with multiple users

Each user account is tied to one individual (the email address listed on your Settings > Profile screen).

You can use the “Change Profile” function in your app’s Settings to switch between multiple users without logging out. Only the currently selected user can take a reading, so this functionality is not the same as “group readings” per se.

Steps to switch users:

  1. You must already be logged in to the Elite HRV mobile app
  2. Go to the Settings screen in the app
  3. Click the dropdown arrow next to your name at the top.
  4. Either select another user, or select "add account" to add a new user.

5. Once both users have previously logged in, you can switch between them by again tapping “Change Profile” in Settings

6. Choose the name of the user you would like to use from the list

You can add virtually infinite users to one phone/tablet; however, it may start to load more slowly after adding a handful of users.

It’s a good idea to make sure your data is synced to the server before switching users. If you are connected to the Internet when you save a reading, that happens automatically. Otherwise, to make sure your data is backed up, simply drag your finger down on the Home screen of the app (or tap “Sync” if you see a card with that button).

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