How do active and inactive members count towards Team billing?

Teams can have active and inactive members. You can control member status on the Member page of the Team Dashboard.

Active members count towards your monthly bill. Inactive members do not. If you activate a member at any point during a billing cycle, that member will count towards your active member tally for that billing cycle.

For example, if you activate 1 member for analysis and then deactivate the member afterwards, that member will remain active for that complete billing cycle. You may activate and reactivate that member as often as you like, and they will only count once per billing cycle. However if you activate any other member during that billing cycle, your member tally for that cycle will increase to 2 (as an example).

The number of simultaneous members at any exact moment in time is irrelevant for billing. Each unique member that is activated at any point in the billing cycle is added to the tally.

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