Recommended HRV Sensors & Heart Rate Monitors

Measuring Accurate HRV

Accurate HRV is measured by:
  1. Capturing accurate R-R intervals (the exact time between each heart beat, more info at the bottom)
  2. Checking for anomalies, artifacts, and signal noise
  3. Correcting artifacts as needed
  4. Running HRV calculations such as RMSSD, HF/LF, etc.

HRV Sensors & Heart Rate Monitors

As you can see above, the first step in measuring accurate HRV is capturing accurate R-R intervals. This is done by connecting an accurate heart rate sensor directly to the Elite HRV app.

Elite HRV is compatible with many heart rate and HRV sensors. There are only 2 requirements. Your heart rate monitor of choice must:

  1. Capture accurate R-R intervals
  2. Transmit those R-R intervals to the Elite HRV app via Bluetooth (ANT+ only available on certain phones/tablets)

Recommended Sensors

We recommend either the CorSense (by Elite HRV) or the Polar H10.

For a full list of recommended heart rate monitors, phones and tablets, see:

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