How to check if your HR Monitor is connecting to another app or nearby device

Most heart rate monitors can only connect to one app on one phone at a time.

For the best results, turn all nearby Bluetooth devices off or on airplane mode, including:

  1. Laptops/computers
  2. Watches, smartwatches
  3. Other phones/tablets
  4. Saunas
  5. Exercise equipment or wearables

Also make sure the monitor is not paired with:

  1. Your phone/tablet's Bluetooth settings
  2. Any other app on your phone/tablet or a nearby phone/tablet, including:
    1. Apple Health
    2. Google Fit
    3. Fitness or other apps

To check if another app on your phone is the issue:

  1. Pair/save the heart rate monitor in the Elite HRV app (on the Connect HR Monitor screen)
  2. Unpair/remove the heart rate monitor from your phone's Bluetooth settings
  3. Turn off Bluetooth completely
  4. Open the Elite HRV app
  5. Start a reading (it should warn you that Bluetooth is off)
  6. Using your phone's Control Center or quick menu, activate Bluetooth
  7. Immediately start the Elite HRV reading before another app has the chance to connect to your heart rate monitor
  8. If it didn't work before but does now, then another app or setting on your phone is likely trying to automatically reserve the heart rate monitor connection. 

Unpairing/unsaving the heart rate monitor from all other apps may be the solution or potentially even uninstalling apps that are unnecessarily connecting to nearby heart rate monitors when it is not needed.

To check if a nearby device is causing interference:

  1. Test at a different location
  2. Make sure no smartwatches or any devices with Bluetooth are within 60 feet or 20 meters.
  3. Try not turning on the heart rate monitor until Elite HRV is already trying to connect to it to give Elite HRV the best chance to be the first to connect

To check if your heart rate monitor is the issue:

  1. If possible, borrow a friend's heart rate monitor and try to use that to take a reading on Elite HRV
  2. If it works but yours doesn't, then either your heart rate monitor is defective or the above issues of nearby apps/devices are occurring for your monitor
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