How to Add or Change Reading Tags

This process will allow you to add or change the custom tags on any particular reading.

To add tags after you complete a reading

Once your reading is completed, you'll be taken to this screen. Here, you can log your mood, energy level, stress level, and soreness level. You can also add custom tags: 

To add a custom tag, type it into the tag field, then hit the purple + button. You'll see which tags are added to the reading in blue. The gray tags are previously used tags, which can be quickly added by tapping. 

When you are done adding custom tags, hit "Save Tags":

Verify that your custom tags are correct, then continue onto the next screen.

This screen allows you to track events that may affect your HRV; your sleep the night before, the exercise you did yesterday, any illness you might be feeling, or your current weight/BMI, or blood glucose/ketones. 

After you Save and Go to Results, you'll be able to view what tags and events you've added to this reading. Then, hit Save!

To add tags to a reading you took previously

1. In your Elite HRV app, click the "Previous Logs" link

2. Choose the reading you'd like to tag/edit

3. Scroll down and click "add tag"

4. To edit existing tags, press the 4 dots in the top right corner of the tag.

5. This will open up the screen to allow you to either edit the tag, or delete it if needed.

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