Data From CorSense

CorSense transmits heart rate and R-R intervals intended for heart rate variability (HRV) calculations via standard Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) protocols.

Please review Bluetooth specs for heart rate and R-R intervals on

CorSense currently transmits:

  • heart rate (BPM)
  • R-R intervals (ms)
  • a status code (0 to 6) used for debugging (via the Energy Expended status bit)**

In the future, with firmware updates, CorSense will also transmit:

  • PPG-based pulse waveform
  • battery levels

CorSense transmits the above data openly to any platform or app that can receive Bluetooth 4.0 data in the standard formats.

You can also export the raw R-R intervals easily from the Elite HRV app at any time. 

Data is transmitted immediately.

**The status code transmitted via the Energy Expended status bit is not an R-R interval and should not be counted as an R-R interval in your HRV analysis.

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