Data From CorSense

CorSense transmits heart rate and R-R intervals intended for heart rate variability (HRV) calculations via standard Bluetooth 4.0 (LE) protocols.

Please review Bluetooth specs for heart rate and R-R intervals on

CorSense currently transmits:

  • heart rate (BPM)
  • R-R intervals (ms)
  • a status code (0 to 6) used for debugging (via the Energy Expended status bit)**

CorSense transmits the above data openly to any platform or app that can receive Bluetooth 4.0 data in the standard formats.

The CorSense sample rate is 500Hz (500x per second) which provides comparable accuracy to a 5-lead EKG. 

You can also export the raw R-R intervals easily from the Elite HRV app at any time. 

Data is transmitted immediately.

**The status code transmitted via the Energy Expended status bit is not an R-R interval and should not be counted as an R-R interval in your HRV analysis.

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