Record Data For Your Team Members

As a Team Owner, you can measure Heart Rate Variability (HRV) or record other types of data on behalf of your Team Members.

For example, as a coach, you can record HRV and other data for your athletes or clients. As a health practitioner, you can record HRV and other data for your patients. And as a researcher, you can record HRV or other data for your research participants.

Doing so is simple, first create a Team (here), add your members to the team, and activate the team.

From there, refresh your Elite HRV mobile app, and navigate to the "New Entry" screen by tapping the "+" sign in the middle of the bottom navigation bar. 

Select the type of reading you wish to record:

You will see the usual reading options, with another option "Team Member" at the bottom.

Selecting this option will open a menu of the members of your team. Select the member for whom you wish to record a reading, and that reading will be added to their Elite HRV data!

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