How to Turn the Biofeedback/Breathing Guide On/Off and Customize

You can set up the breathing pacer in the app for all readings except the morning reading. For the morning readiness, it is recommended to breathe naturally.

The best place to do Guided Breathing readings is in the Biofeedback section of the app. 

Biofeedback Reading

1. Go to the Biofeedback section of the app and select one of the practices:

2. On this screen, you can customize the reading duration, toggle on/off the pre-breathing snapshot, and other options. 

10 Week Breathing Program

If you wish to use only the breath pacer rather than take a Biofeedback reading, you are able to do so from within the 10 Week Program.

Choose "Practice Breathing" from inside the program. It will allow you to set the pace you wish to use, then proceed with that breathing pace, no HRV monitor required.

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