Is Your Heart Rate Monitor Compatible with Elite HRV?

We aim to support as many heart rate monitors as possible. Due to the number of heart rate monitors available on the market, we can’t feasibly test them all, so we may need your help in determining if your monitor will work or not.

First, does the heart rate monitor measure accurate R-R intervals?

R-R intervals are the exact times in milliseconds between each heart beat. This is different than regular heart rate! Even if your device happens to transmit R-R intervals, it doesn’t mean that they are not altered, smoothed, or accurate for use with HRV.

More explanation here: What are RR intervals? For wrist band monitors specifically, see here.

You may need to contact the manufacturer of your heart rate monitor to determine if it captures accurate R-R intervals that are intended for Heart Rate Variability measurements. For a list of devices that we have tested or recommend, see: Compatible Devices

Second, if your device does capture accurate R-R intervals. It needs to be able to transmit them to your phone or tablet so that Elite HRV can receive them.

At this time the app is not setup to receive R-R intervals that were previously stored on another device. The heart rate monitor needs to transmit directly to the app via your phone/tablet

Accepted transmission protocols include:

  • Bluetooth LE (also called Bluetooth Smart or Bluetooth 4.0)
  • ANT+ (on select Android devices! Check the ANT+ website to see if your phone/tablet is ANT+ capable: link)

Again, the manufacturer of your heart rate monitor should easily be able to inform you whether it performs the above requirements.

In most cases, wrist and arm-based monitors are not compatible. We wish they were accurate enough! (here is an example of a 3rd party published study that shows inaccuracies

For more detailed information and for a list of devices, please see

Scosche Rhythm 24

We realize that new devices are coming onto the market that are supposed to transmit accurate R-R intervals. While this may very well be the case, we cannot recommend or officially support these devices until we have time to do our own internal testing. You can check our Compatible Devices page for updates!

Apple Watch

We have had many recent inquiries about using the Apple Watch 4 with the Elite HRV app, as Apple now advertises that the watch is capable of measuring HRV. We still cannot support this device for the following reasons:

  • The Watch still does not transmit accurate R-R intervals to 3rd party apps, meaning even if the watch is transmitting accurate data, it will not transmit it to our app or any other 3rd party app; the data is only available to the Apple Health app. A 3rd party app cannot trigger an HRV measurement (such as our app triggering a Morning Readiness reading - it is not yet possible). The watch does NOT share the ECG data.
  • The data that is computed by the watch and Apple Health app is the SDNN value, where as our app uses the rMSSD value to compute our HRV score. This is because we believe that while the SDNN value is used medically for longer measurements, the rMSSD value is more accurate for shorter measurements. 
  • The Apple Health app pulls HRV data at random times throughout the day. This offers little to no context for the HRV score, and therefore can be very misleading when trying to make a judgement from that score. The point of our Morning Readiness readings is to establish a baseline, so to take readings throughout the day without this baseline will not tell you much. 

There is always the possibility that Apple will expand the watch's capability and accessibility. We will update this article and our Compatible Devices page accordingly when the time comes.

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