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Including a summary of privacy policy: Privacy Policy

Some notes:

The data you collect on Elite HRV is used to generate insights for you, do aggregate trend analysis for improving insights and algorithms, and improve the product. Your email address and name are used to send you emails from Elite HRV. We don’t share any of this data with third parties, except for normal data hosting and data processing (for example, secure server hosting and analytics tools).

Data stored in our database is encrypted and is only accessed as needed for customer support and the development of our product.

Elite HRV data is stored on servers in the United States, hosted by one of the largest cloud service companies in the world.

When we do aggregate analysis of the data to improve our insights and algorithms, we only use anonymous aggregated data, not names or email addresses. For example, “the average heart rate of all male users age 30-35 is X” (tens of thousands of people).

We make money by selling online courses, HRV sensors, and by licensing our insight algorithms to other businesses. We do not sell, trade, or share any user data with other businesses unless you initiate that sharing directly (for example, choosing to share your scores with your coach through our Team Dashboard).

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