Chest Strap Tips For Better Accuracy

Accuracy is very important when measuring Heart Rate Variability (HRV). Here are some tips to get the most accurate reading possible with your chest strap.

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Key Tips

  1. Make sure the strap is tight across the chest, but not uncomfortably tight
  2. Moisten the strap using water or strap gel
  3. Remove slack from the strap by wiggling it around after it is fastened (not during the HRV reading)
  4. If your strap is more than 12-18 months old, you may need to replace the strap itself (transmitter may still work)

You may experiment with different tightnesses of the strap. Some people actually get better results when the strap is loose.

It's best to not put the chest strap on your chest until you are ready to take the reading. Some chest straps timeout if they do not connect within a minute or two to any receiving device.

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