CorSense light pattern

The current pattern for the top blue LED in day-to-day use is as follows:

  1. Flashing blue means it is looking for a Bluetooth connection. When you "Save" it within the Elite HRV app on the "Connect HR Monitor" screen, it will remain flashing. Note - the flashing will happen any time the CorSense wakes up, because it assumes it needs to look for a Bluetooth connection.
  2. On the "Reading" screen, when the CorSense successfully "Connects" the top blue LED will turn solid as it looks for a pulse.
  3. When the CorSense finds a pulse, it will flash the top blue LED in sync with the pulse. From here the recording is ready to begin.
  4. If the CorSense displays a solid blue light when unplugged, it is frozen and you need to do a manual reset: CorSense Manual Reset 

Notes about the CorSense light:

Some of the units are very sensitive to movement, like even vibrations through the floor when you walk into the room. If you aren't moving it around though it goes back to sleep pretty fast, and the power consumption is pretty low when it's searching for a connection. It will likely still last a couple weeks without charging at least.

Regarding the inner lights on the CorSense:

The main sensor light inside the CorSense is infrared and not visible; when the green light inside turns on, it is a backup light.

If you don't see the green light, it doesn't indicate a defect. However, since it is turning on it is indicating that the CorSense is having trouble detecting your pulse sometimes. Please see this article for optimizing the pulse detection for your readings: CorSense Having Trouble Sending HRV Signal

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