How to Add Your Picture, Age and Gender to the App

If you wish to add a profile picture to the app: using the Facebook or Google login will automatically pull your profile picture for you. If you want to add a picture manually, go to the app settings: Where to Find App Settings. From there, tap on "view profile" (a new screen will open), then tap on your current photo and your phone's camera will open. Take your photo and it will save.

To use the Population Comparison feature, you'll need the app to know your demographic. When you select your age and gender, your de-identified data is categorized in our database, which allows us to track statistics within our user group for demographic averages.

When you go to the population comparison feature and select your age and gender again, you're seeing only the Elite HRV community averages and where you fall within those averages. 

Selection of your age and gender will not affect the HRV score, it only provides context. To add your age and gender into the app, go to the app settings by tapping on your profile picture (or blue icon if no picture) in the top right corner of the app Home screen:

Tap on "View Profile":

Here, you can fill in the birthday and gender:

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