Research Reading Requirements

Thank you for your interest in participating in our research readings!  

Our goal is to learn if measuring HRV by placing your finger over the smartphone camera (also known as finger-over-the-camera) is an accurate and viable alternative to chest straps. 

When we first announced this research experiment, and requested help from the community, we thought we would be able to release this to any user who has a device that is capable of running the Elite HRV app. However, in an effort to get the feature out to our users faster, it has become clear that a phased approach is a better strategy.   

Today, Research Readings are available on the following devices:

Android 10 and above with:

  • CPU: 4 cores
  • Memory: 128 Mb
  • Screen size: 667px height 

iPhone 7 and above

Please note: you’ll need a Polar H7, H9 or H10 chest strap to take a Research Reading. 

Why?  Simultaneous measurement of HRV using finger-over-the-camera and a chest strap tells us if finger-over-the-camera is as accurate as a chest strap. If finger-over-the-camera proves accurate, we'll be able to offer this method to our community, as a convenient, accurate alternative to chest straps. 

In the coming months we hope to make this experiment accessible on more devices.

We sincerely appreciate your eagerness to help us with this research and we are grateful for your support.  

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