CorSense Currently Out of Stock

We are out of inventory for the CorSense and have made the difficult decision to halt manufacturing for the foreseeable future.

We recommend the Polar Chest strap as an alternative. It is an excellent device and is available everywhere.  Here is the link for it and all other compatible heart rate monitors with our app: Compatible Devices

We hope to expand this list in future, and that you will find a device that works for you!

We are continuously researching the application of wrist HR monitors, pulse oximetry, finger sensor, ear clip, and other options. When we are satisfied with the accuracy and quality of these devices, we will update our Compatible Devices page (linked above). 

Due to the large number of devices on the market, we are unable to test them all for accuracy and compatibility. If you have another device and are not sure about the above information, your device’s manufacturer should easily be able to tell you if their device meets the criteria for compatibility. If they can’t, then we would recommend not using the device. Look for the contact form on your device manufacturer’s website. 

Here is how to find out if your device is compatible:

Send a message to your heart rate monitor’s manufacturer asking, “Does this heart rate monitor capture accurate RR intervals? If so, does it alter or smooth the R-R intervals in any way? Also, does it have Bluetooth 4.0 capability?” – make sure to tell them what heart rate monitor you have.

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