Using Elite HRV in Your Business or Practice

You may find that you wish to use HRV in your coaching business, health practice, or workplace. Here is some information that will help you get started. 

Use of the Elite HRV app is completely free and we recommend if you would like to train clients with it - play around with it yourself first. 

1. You can download it free here:

2. This is the list of compatible devices that you can choose from in order to use our app:

We recommend starting with the free app, because that is what your clients/patients will use to collect their HRV data. Then, check out the Team Dashboard, which is how you can get all of their HRV data centralized for your viewing and analysis. 

3. Here is an overview of our Team Dashboard that our coaches use to support their teams:

4. This article gives a few examples of how HRV can be incorporated into your services:

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