End of reading sound and vibrate options

NOTE: The end of reading vibrate and sound effects are only relevant to readings that have a countdown timer (for example, Morning Readiness). For Open Readings and all other readings that have a stopwatch that counts up, the following instructions are not relevant.


For the end of reading beep sound to work, you’ll need to make sure your phone isn’t on silent and that the media volume is turned up. From there, you can toggle the end of reading sound on/off in the Elite HRV reading settings (in the top right corner of the reading screen).


Similarly, for the vibrate, your phone will have to have vibrate on (on iPhone, you’ll feel the phone vibrate when you flip the side switch, notifying you that vibrate is on). From there, you can turn vibrate on/off in the Elite HRV reading settings (similar to the beep sound).

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