How far away from the app can I go during my workout or other activities?

The answer to this varies based on your hardware (and has almost nothing to do with the app). That being said, the Elite HRV app is designed to remain connected as long as you are within signal range (even if some heart beats are dropped due to distance). If you go completely out of connection range you may lose the connection entirely and need to restart the reading.

We have run tests at various distances and found the most accuracy and consistency within 15 feet or 5 meters. Outside of that range, signal dropping increases with distance. Here are some reference ranges:

Under 15 feet away – consistent signal for short-term sampling, recommended

15 to 30 feet away – intermittent loss of heart beats (R-Rs), generally acceptable (not for extended periods of time)

35+ feet – consistent loss of R-Rs, not recommended

Notes: This was tested indoors with other electronic equipment in the near vicinity. Results may vary by receiving device, heart rate device, in outdoor open areas or depending on your equipment arrangements indoors.

Additionally, please be aware that 3rd party heart rate monitors (ex: Polar, Garmin) do not give us access to stored data within the device, so you cannot wear a device and take a reading without being connected via Bluetooth the entire time.

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