How can I share HRV data with my coach or health practitioner?

There are three options to share your data:

1) Sign up for Personal Pro (link) and easily print out reports of your readings and progress. Take them to your coach or health practitioner, and show them!

2) Have your coach or health practitioner create a team at (if they already have an Elite HRV account, they can use that same account to login there).

For more information on Teams and the Team Dashboard, visit the "Dashboard" section of the help portal.

3) Export your raw data from the mobile app (for free!): Exporting Raw Data. You can forward your export link to your coach or practitioner. Note: export link expires after 4 hours for security reasons. If your link expires, simply go back into the app and trigger another export. 

4) Export your raw data from the mobile app, then import it into another HRV analysis tool, like Kubios. This will generate a printable report that you can share with your practitioner. 

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