How is Morning Readiness determined?

After several days of taking Morning Readiness readings, Elite HRV begins to identify your personal HRV baseline patterns.

When you take subsequent Morning Readiness readings, the app compares each reading to your rolling baseline to determine if you are experiencing more stress, more recovery or are fairly similar to your baseline. (Important emphasis: The determination is relative to your own individual baseline!)

The app adjusts the sensitivity of the readiness gauge based on your baseline trends as well. If you are quite stable (i.e. only change a few HRV points from day to day), then a small change in HRV can register as a large change in readiness. Conversely, if you are fairly variable (large HRV score differences from day to day), then another moderately large swing in HRV score may possibly not affect readiness if it is within your normal bounds.

All of the above changes in HRV are referring specifically to changes in natural log of RMSSD, as measured in Morning Readiness readings.

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