Will X phone or tablet work with Elite HRV?

If your phone or tablet supports Bluetooth 4.0 (or newer), and has either Android 10+ or iOS 7+, then it is likely compatible with Elite HRV.

Due to the large number of devices on the market, we aren’t able to test them all. Your device’s manufacturer should easily be able to tell you if your device uses Bluetooth 4.0 (or ANT+ for select Android devices).
A note on iPads: Back on September 24, 2019, Apple made the iPad OS separate from the iOS installed on your iPhone. We have not developed our app on the iPad OS, but for many users, it continued to work on their iPads.

While we do not develop for the iPad OS nor officially support the use of the app on iPads, you are welcome to try using the app on your iPad.

(See this dedicated page for a full breakdown of compatible devices)

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