How does Team Billing work?

Team Subscriptions

Teams are charged a flat rate of $30, $60, or $100 per month based on the number of active members.

  • $30/month for 1-10 active members (Basic Plan)
  • $60/month for 11-20 active members (Pro Plan)
  • $100/month for 21-100 active members (Large Team Plan)
  • If your team has more than 100 active members, please contact us at

Setting up your team is free and requires no payment information. When your team has active members (with recorded data), you can activate your team.

Once activated, you will be billed immediately based on the number of active members on your team.

Upgrading/Downgrading Subscriptions

As you add and remove members from your team, your billing plan will automatically update in realtime, and your plan changes will be prorated at the time of the change.

For example, if you upgrade your team from the Basic Plan to the Pro Plan with 10 days left in your billing cycle, the following changes would occur:

  • (Example)
    • Your next bill will start at $60 now that you are on the Pro Plan
    • The bill will also include approximately $20 proration charge for upgrading in the previous cycle with 10 remaining days
    • The total bill will approximately be $80, and then $60 each month after that


You can cancel your subscription at anytime from the dashboard at

Once canceled, you will still have active service until the end of your billing period. After the end of your billing period, service will stop, and you won't receive any further charges.


You may re-activate your team after canceling at any time. 

If you re-active before your team's final billing cycle ends, your team will resume as normal. If you re-activate your team after previously fully cancelling it, it will start a new subscription, similar to when you first signed up.

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