Email Confirmation Issues

Oops! You might be here because your email address does not match any Elite HRV accounts.

If you are having trouble confirming your email address, there are a few things to check:

  1. Does your email address forward to another email address?
    1. If so, try changing your email address in Elite HRV to the actual email address that you use.
  2. Did you use a different email address to sign up for Elite HRV?
    1. If so, try accessing Elite HRV via that email address.
  3. Did you use Google or Facebook to sign up for Elite HRV instead of email?
    1. If so, check Google or Facebook to see which email address is associated with that account.
    2. Or sign in again with Google or Facebook.

You can check which email address is associated with your Elite HRV account in your Elite HRV profile page. Use the Forgot Password box in Elite HRV to reset your password if you are locked out.

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