CorSense Won't Connect To App

Note: If you're reliably connecting to the Elite HRV app but NOT getting accurate or consistent HRV, click here (link) instead.

CorSense connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to mobile apps on iOS and Android.

  1. A good place to start is restarting your phone, leaving it off for several minutes. This resolves a great deal of connectivity issues.
  2. If you would please do a manual reset of the CorSense:
  • To reset the CorSense, plug the unit into a power source with the supplied USB charging cable. Un-plug and re-plug it 4 times consecutively.
  • The blue light on top of the CorSense should flash consistently to show the device has reset
  • After resetting the unit, we recommend you fully charge the unit before trying it again.

3. Kill any applications that may be running in the background on your mobile device. 

4. For the best results do not connect or pair CorSense through your device's Bluetooth Settings. 

  • Only connect or pair from your HRV app: Ensure CorSense is NOT Paired in Bluetooth Settings
  • It may help to turn off any other nearby heart rate sensors.  We've had other instances of this happening where another electronic device has grabbed the CorSense Bluetooth connection instead of a phone.
  • Common culprits include laptops, TVs, TV remotes, even home security equipment. Many of these have Bluetooth set to "always on" even when the device itself is off or on standby.
  • If you could check these items especially the ones that are in your current home and not in the other this may be the difference.
    • Disconnect CorSense from your phone's Bluetooth settings
    • Shut off your phone and leave off for a few minutes, then restart your phone
    • Only connect the CorSense to the Elite HRV app (not to your phone's Bluetooth settings)

    5. If you are still having trouble connecting CorSense to the app, please try the following ( note: stop troubleshooting when it starts working):

    1. Make sure Bluetooth is ON
    2. Make sure CorSense is fully charged
    3. Make sure the blue light on top of the unit is flashing (gently tap CorSense to wake it up)
    4. Look for the words "Connected" or "Done" near the top of the HRV app screen
    5. Make sure CorSense is not connected to any other nearby device or other app (eg. other user's phone, smart TV, laptop, desktop, etc)
    6. Check permissions that may need to be turned on for Bluetooth to work with the app (we'll only use location for this purpose): 

If the above do not work, please try the following more advanced sequence:

  • Turn your Bluetooth off (if you have it on)
  • Delete your CorSense from the Elite HRV app (swipe left on the sensor in the "Devices" screen and hit "delete")
  • Sign out of the Elite HRV app - please make note of the email address you used to sign in originally
  • Uninstall the app
  • Shut off phone (leave it off for several minutes)
  • Turn phone back on
  • Reinstall Elite HRV app
  • Sign back in to the app using the same email address as before
  • Re-pair the CorSense
  • Log back in and see if you can do an open reading; allow your phone to connect with the CorSense automatically, and check the signal quality.

TIP: you may check with other apps (ex. LightBlue Explorer). Is it able to connect?

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