Morning Readiness Score Missing

If you have taken more than 2 readings, and it has not been more than a few weeks since your last reading, you should have a morning readiness score. If that is not the case, you'll need to reinstall the Elite HRV app. If your readings log is empty, a fresh installation will also resolve that issue. 

How to Uninstall and Reinstall the App

It is also important to note that this can happen when a previous Morning Readiness was not fully saved because the connection was slow and the app didn’t stay open long enough to fully sync.

If you fully save the reading and go all the way back to the Home screen and the app gets enough active time to fully sync, it should work just fine. If there is a chance of intermittent internet issues (like most of us), it’s quite possible it’s coming from that. To fix this, you'll want to make sure after you hit "Save" on your Morning Readiness readings, you let the app sit open for a few moments on the home screen to finish the sync.
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