Can I share a CorSense with friends or family?

The CorSense is much easier to share between users than a chest strap - one size fits all! Just be sure you are logged into your own account when you go to take a reading with the CorSense. Just like with a chest strap, you want to keep your readings within your own Elite HRV account. 

The CorSense can be connected to multiple Elite HRV accounts - if you experience any connection issues, try a fresh connection of the CorSense while inside your account:

Go to the Settings menu by clicking your profile picture (or blue circle if you don't have a picture) in the top right corner of the home screen:

Choose "Devices":

Make sure the CorSense is in your list. You can swipe left on the CorSense name to delete it from saved devices temporarily:

The CorSense should now appear below "Scanning for Bluetooth Devices". You can re-save it.

If you experience connection issues, please see this article: CorSense Won't Connect to App

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