Can I share a CorSense with friends or family?

The CorSense is much easier to share between users than a chest strap - one size fits all! Just be sure you are logged into your own account when you go to take a reading with the CorSense. Just like with a chest strap, you want to keep your readings within your own Elite HRV account. 

The CorSense can be connected to multiple Elite HRV accounts - if you experience any connection issues, try a fresh connection of the CorSense while inside your account:

Go to the Settings menu by clicking your profile picture (or blue circle if you don't have a picture) in the top right corner of the home screen:

Choose "Devices":

Make sure the CorSense is in your list. You can swipe left on the CorSense name to delete it from saved devices temporarily:

The CorSense should now appear below "Scanning for Bluetooth Devices". You can re-save it.

If you experience connection issues, please see this article: CorSense Won't Connect to App

You can share the CorSense with multiple users in one of two ways.

1. Users can add the app to their own phone, log in, connect and use the CorSense. 


2. You can go into the settings (top right hand side of screen) tap on the photo or blue image.

Scroll down and you will see "add account" and can then sign up them up.

Each user account is tied to one individual (the email address listed on your Settings > Profile screen).

You can use the “Switch User” function by clicking on the downward pointing arrow next to your name in the app settings. Here you can switch between multiple users without logging out. Only the currently selected user can take a reading.

Steps to switch users:

  1. You must already be logged in to the Elite HRV mobile app
  2. Go to the Settings screen in the app
  3. Click on the downward pointing arrow next to your name to open the "Change profile" menu
  4. Log in as the user you would like to switch to (or tap "Add account" to add or create a new user)
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