Bugs, Features and Fixes We are Working on

The following is a list of features and bugs/errors we are actively working on:

Elite HRV App:

  • iOS App responsiveness issue - if the app is freezing please do the following:

1. Make sure you are on the latest version of the EHRV app which is 5.5.8.

2. Please go into the Apple Health app and remove the integration with EHRV.

3. Once the above is done, please shut off your phone for several minutes before restarting again.

4. Open the EHRV app will take a one-minute snapshot and verify that it no longer freezes and you can connect to the app.

  • Android - We've had a few users report that they are having issues with Polar devices on Android 13. Please see the advanced troubleshooting steps to follow that will reset your app, phone, and the Polar Heart Rate Monitor: Advanced Troubleshooting Steps to Follow

If you need to report a bug that is not listed here, please email us at support@elitehrv.com and include a description of the issue, your phone model, and your phone operating system.  

If you experience any of these, the best option is to ensure your phone is set to "auto-update" your apps. That way, the above enhancements immediately apply to your Elite HRV app! You can always check the Apple App Store or Google Play Store for updates if you are not sure that you're on the latest version. 

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