Bugs, Features and Fixes We are Working on

The following is a list of features and bugs/errors we are actively working on:

Elite HRV App:

  • Weight/BMI entry shows "Time Period" instead of "Height"
  • Android connection issues - please update to app version 5.1.4 or later
  • Respiration rate and Live Preview setting doesn't save - fixed in 5.2.1, coming out soon
  • App responsiveness issue with users running iOS 14.4.2 - we will dig into this and release a hotfix when we discover the cause

3rd Party Integrations

  • Apple Health and Google Fit - duplicate sleep/exercise entry issue - fixed for iOS in 5.2.1, Android will be fixed soon

If you experience any of these, the best option is to ensure your phone is set to "auto-update" your apps. That way, the above enhancements immediately apply to your Elite HRV app!

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