Polar H7, H9, or H10 will not work/connect

Over the years, we have helped users troubleshoot using the Polar chest straps with our app. We've come up with this set of steps which work when our general troubleshooting is not resolving the issue.

Here are the advanced troubleshooting steps to follow, please do them in order regardless of what you've already done:

  1. Un-pair the heart rate monitor from the Polar app
  2. Un-pair the heart rate monitor from your phone's Bluetooth settings
  3. Un-pair the heart rate monitor from the Elite HRV app (swipe left on the H10 in the "Devices" screen and hit "delete")
  4. Log out of the app (save your login & PW)
  5. Turn Bluetooth off completely on your phone
  6. Turn your phone off for several minutes before turning it back on
  7. Make sure there are no nearby devices that would connect to your Polar H10 (no exercise equipment, laptops with Bluetooth, etc.)
  8. Turn Bluetooth back on
  9. Pair/save the Polar H10 in Elite HRV only - nowhere else. You must be wearing the device for it to connect.
  10. Take a reading right away

You will not have to do this every time, this will help reset the app, phone, and heart rate monitor. 

2. If this doesn't restore the connection we also recommend that you do a discharge of the Polar: How to discharge your heart rate monitor

3. Please double check your Polar HRM will connect with the Polar Beat or Polar Flow apps, if it doesn't you'll need to reach out to Polar as the strap may need to be replaced. 

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