ANT+ No Longer Supported in Android 11

We are aware that the ANT+ connection is broken for most users with phones running Android 11. We have investigated this to the best of our capabilities and have pinpointed the issue: certain UI's layered on top of Android 11 by the phone manufacturers breaks the ANT+ ability to connect. For example, Samsung's One UI 3.1 breaks the connection. One UI 3.0 was released with Android 11, so if you still have that UI, your ANT+ should work. But if you've updated to 3.1, that's when the ANT+ connection issue occurs. This is only one example as Samsung is only one manufacturer and each manufacturer will have their own UI layer.

If you are on Android 11 and One UI 3.0 and ANT+ is not working, we believe it is an ANT+ timeout issue. To resolve this, please try rebooting your phone. You can also try reinstalling the app: Uninstall and Reinstall EHRV app

If you are required to upgrade to One UI 3.1, it will likely break your ANT+ connection.

This being a manufacturer UI issue, unfortunately, we cannot fix it from our end. We do not know if they plan to fix this in future UI releases or in subsequent Android OS releases. 

If you'd like to continue using our app for HRV readings (and we hope you do!), our recommendation is to purchase a Bluetooth chest strap. Here are the compatible monitors (link).

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