How Long Will My CorSense Last?

Because the CorSense is still a relatively "young" product, we technically do not know for certain the serviceable lifespan! Users with older units may find that they need to charge it more often or give it a manual reset from time to time. If you start to have issues with the signal or connection that cannot be resolved by our troubleshooting (see below), then it may be time to consider replacing the CorSense.

General CorSense troubleshooting:

1. First, disconnect the CorSense from your Elite HRV app. From the app home screen, hit the blue icon or profile picture in the top right corner to open the settings menu. From the settings, hit "Devices". Swipe left on the CorSense line and hit "Delete."

2. Close the Elite HRV app and go to your phone's Bluetooth settings. Ensure the CorSense is not paired here. If it is, please unpair it and restart your phone.

3. Once your phone is back on, go first to the Elite HRV app, hit the "+" button in the bottom menu and start a snapshot reading. You'll be prompted to connect your CorSense. Go ahead and connect.

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