Can I Access EHRV from Multiple Devices?

You can use the app this way, but you need to be extra diligent in ensuring all readings are syncing and ensure you are using the same log-in email/method on every device. The same is true if you are switching between device platforms (iOS and Android)

Connect to the internet, allow all of your readings to COMPLETELY SYNC to the database, and don't delete anything. When you log in on your new device to your Elite HRV account, your data should all be there.  The mobile connection (or WiFi) must be strong with enough available bandwidth, and you must give the app enough time to sync completely after readings.

You have a few options for manually triggering a sync:

1. Pull down on the app home screen, and let go. You will see the app refresh.

2. Log out of the Elite HRV app, noting the email address you used to log in. Make sure you use the same email address to log back in. Once logged in, let the app sit open for about 2-5 minutes so the readings can start saving to the database.

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