Tips for Syncing your Readings

To ensure your baseline and reading streak are accurate, you need to sync your HRV readings. This is done automatically in most cases, but if you take readings offline or with limited data bandwidth, there may be data that is left unsynced when the app is closed. 

The easiest ways to sync your readings after being offline:

1. Pull down on the app home screen, and let go. You will see the app refresh. If that does not work,

2. Log out of the Elite HRV app, noting the email address you used to log in. Make sure you use the same email address to log back in. Once logged in, let the app sit open for about 2 minutes so the readings can start saving to the database.

If you do not see the correct reading streak or think your data isn't fully synced for any reason, consider leaving the app open on the home screen for longer than 2 minutes. Slower internet speeds or less available bandwidth can cause this. Some considerations: 

What is your internet speed / bandwidth? (you can test it with

How many devices are connected to your internet?

How many are in use?

How often do you shut down your computer?

How often do you clear your computer / browser cache?

How often do you clear (ie shutdown) your router? Your gateway?

What browser are you using?

How many tabs / pages do you have open?

What other programs are open?

Are you connected via cable or WiFi?

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