Getting Started with the App

Welcome to the Elite HRV community! Our app has an onboarding flow that will trigger some helpful, educational emails to guide you through getting started with the app and with HRV. This article aims to answer some questions you may have at the very beginning before you've seen those emails. 

The main function of our app is taking the short, daily Morning Readiness reading (using natural breathing, not guided breathing) to develop your HRV baseline.  Please note that chest straps must be put on to connect and send data to our app.

These articles will cover some basics:

What is HRV? 

Why HRV Morning Readiness?

What is a good HRV score?

What do the Green, Yellow, and Red indicators mean on the Morning Readiness reading analysis?

Readings beyond the morning readiness: When To Take HRV Readings Throughout The Day.

When viewing the Trends in the app, please note that only Morning Readiness readings will contribute to the Trends charts. Open readings, snapshots, and guided breathing readings are separate from Morning Readiness and do not affect your HRV baseline or Trends. 

We also have a blog and popular podcast on our website:

If you are interested in working with a coach to maximize your training and efforts, we've put together an excellent group of professionals who are experts in HRV coaching.  You can find them in the Directory.

Not all users need to or want to read everything we have, but there is a lot to offer, so read up!

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