Advanced iPhone Connectivity Troubleshooting

Use the troubleshooting in this article if you have already tried our Basic Troubleshooting

Please note that chest straps need to be worn to connect.

Allow Bluetooth Sharing – Go to iPhone Settings > Privacy > Bluetooth Sharing, and make sure that Elite HRV isn’t disabled (it may not be listed at all, which is fine). Be sure the Bluetooth radio switch is toggled on in iOS settings.

It may help to turn off any other nearby heart rate sensors.  We've had other instances of this happening where another electronic device has grabbed the CorSense Bluetooth connection instead of a phone.

Common culprits include laptops, TVs, TV remotes, even home security equipment. Many of these have Bluetooth set to "always on" even when the device itself is off or on standby.

If you could check these items especially the ones that are in your current home and not in the other this may be the difference.

IMPORTANT: Make sure all Elite HRV app permissions are granted.

Please note that if these steps do not resolve the issue, you'll want to consider that the strap or monitor itself may need replacing. You can reach out directly to the manufacturer, for example Polar Support

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