Team Member Data Missing

If you have added a Team Member to your Dashboard, and they have been marked as active, their data should automatically sync so you can view it in the Dashboard. If it is not, we have several troubleshooting steps you can try:

  1. Ensure the team member is connected to the internet when they are taking their readings; their data must sync to our database so it can then sync to your Dashboard. Ask them to check their Wifi or mobile data connection on the device they are using to take readings, and sync in one of two ways: 
    1. Pull down on the app home screen, and let go. You will see the app refresh. If that does not work,
    2. Log out of the Elite HRV app, noting the email address you used to log in. Make sure you use the same email address to log back in. Once logged in, let the app sit open for about 2 minutes so the readings can start saving to the database.
  2. Ensure they have data in the "First and Last Name" fields in the app profile section. If they do not, the Dashboard may have trouble syncing their data. Depending on your team, if you are not using real names for privacy purposes, have them put whatever identifier you use for them on the team (patient number, alias). 
    1. Instruct them to do the following:
      • On the home screen, they need to go to the top right-hand corner, it should be their photo or a default blue image, tap on it.
      • Then they need to click on the blue letters: View Profile
      • In the Name field, they need to fill in their information.
      • Once this is done, have them back out of the Profile section, and pull down on the app home screen to refresh. Then, check the Dashboard to see if their data is now showing up.
  • Please note that to use the Dashboard tab and certain parts of the Trends tab, that data is pulled only from Morning Readiness readings (link). Open readings, Biofeedback readings, and snapshots will not contribute to these Dashboard areas. So if you have users taking no Morning Readiness readings, the Dashboard tab and certain sections of the Trends tab will be empty. 
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