Does Elite HRV Have an Orthostatic Test?

While the app does not have an orthostatic test function built-in, you can do the following steps to replicate one:

1. Start out sitting down, open the app, and choose the "HRV Snapshot" reading.
2. Take a 1 minute HRV snapshot
3. End the reading, and either quickly tag it or skip that screen. Hit save.
4. Stand up, and quickly start the next HRV snapshot reading.
5. Finish the reading, and tag it accordingly.

You can always go back to add tags to the initial snapshot reading: How to Add or Change Reading Tags

Alternatively, you can start an HRV Open Reading and complete your Orthostatic movement while the reading is running, noting the time stamps in the reading when you complete the motion.

We do hope to add an Orthostatic reading function to the app in a future update.

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