Does Elite HRV include "coherence training"?

Elite HRV has built-in breathing guides that allow you to use your respiratory system to gain control over your cardiovascular system and nervous system and track the effects.

For example, biofeedback meditation is a session where meditation (particularly breathing patterns) is conducted while tracking HRV. 

The expectation is that with appropriate deep breathing patterns, HRV will increase during the meditation session, conveying many other benefits.

Here is a good paper on the benefits and mechanisms of HRV biofeedback sessions:

The Elite HRV app has live visuals of HRV and heart rate, as well as audio/visual breathing guides. The app does not currently have coherence indicators built-in, though this concept will likely be included in a future release. Please check out the included Leah Lagos 10 week biofeedback program to learn how to find your resonant breathing pace!

For more information about HRV biofeedback, breathing patterns, and meditation, see the coursework at

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