How to create Team

Creating a "Team" on Elite HRV is a great way to automatically and quickly aggregate HRV and other health and performance data from multiple clients or members of your organization.
Creating a team takes approximately 3-5 minutes. Here are the steps:
  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign in with your Elite HRV account (use the same account as the mobile app, or create a new Elite HRV account)
  3. Enter your Team Name and basic Team info
  4. Activate your team
  5. Invite your members via email
  6. Start analyzing the data!

Members and clients can also join your team by searching for the Team Name within the Elite HRV mobile app. See the related articles section to learn about Team Settings, Member Management, and Data Analysis.

You or your members can collect HRV and other data using the Elite HRV mobile app. When readings are taken, the data is automatically synced to the connected Team and viewable in the Team Dashboard.

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