Can I use Elite HRV if I have an irregular pulse?

In the case of A-fib, PVC, and other conditions that cause ectopic beats, our app has built-in algorithms to remove those artifacts and generate an accurate valid reading. 

The app's success depends on the size and frequency of those ectopic beats, so there is no single answer.

But the app provides a "signal quality" gauge that lets you know how "valid" the reading was. More info on the signal gauge and how it works is discussed here: Signal Quality: Raw vs Corrected R-R Intervals

If deeper analysis is desired, that tends to be beyond the scope of email and requires sensitive/personal information. But we do want to help; questions like this are the primary reason we compiled a list of various HRV experts in our Coaching Directory:

One of these experts could more effectively analyze this situation. If you do partner with one of them, please let us know of any feedback on your experience at:

Exporting your HRV data and sharing it with your medical practitioner or cardiologist is also an option: Exporting Raw RR Intervals

Of course, do not hesitate to send other questions our way and we will do our best to help!

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