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What Data is Transferred To/From Elite HRV with my Integration?

Each integration requires an agreement between Elite HRV and the integrated app as to what data is shared. Therefore, each integration's data-sharing functionality can be different. Please find your integration below:

Free Integrations:

Apple Health: Elite HRV receives Exercise and Sleep entries from Apple Health. We send the SDNN, Heart Rate, and Resting Heart rate data from the Morning Readiness reading to Apple Health. (subsequent readings throughout the day will not push data to Apple Health - only the Morning Readiness)

Google Fit: Elite HRV receives any number entered for the last 7 days from Google Fit. This includes sleep and exercise. The exercise will be specified in your Elite HRV log unless it is not an exercise we have available in our app. In that case, it will be listed as "other." We send the heart rate data from your Morning Readiness reading to Google Fit. 

Fluid Health & Fitness: This app integrates with us - we do not control what data is sent. They pull the HRV and heart rate data from your Elite HRV app. 

Premium Integrations:

Strava: Currently we do not send any data to Strava. We pull exercises from Strava. The exercise will be specified in your Elite HRV log, unless it is not an exercise we have available in our app. In that case, it will be listed as "other." Exercise will be sent from Strava only on and after the date of connection, no historical data is sent from Strava.

TrainingPeaks: Currently we do not receive any data from TrainingPeaks. We send HRV, Heart Rate, Sleep Duration, and Sleep Quality data from your Morning Readiness reading. Subsequent readings throughout the day will not push data to TrainingPeaks.

Final Surge: Currently we do not receive any data from Final Surge. We send HRV and Heart Rate data from your Morning Readiness reading. Subsequent readings throughout the day will not push data to Final Surge.

Sport Tracks: Elite HRV receives exercises entered within the last 7 days from your Sport Tracks account. Elite HRV sends HRV and Heart Rate data from your Morning Readiness reading. Subsequent readings throughout the day will not push data to Sport Tracks.

Heads Up Health: This app integrates with us - we do not control what data is sent. They pull the HRV and heart rate data from your Elite HRV app.


Important Notes:

  • In order for data to push, you must take a Morning Readiness reading.
  • Not all historical data will push. Some apps take the last 7 days, and some have no historical data at all. This works both ways; some apps do not want to push history to Elite HRV and you will only see new data come over.

Troubleshooting Steps

If you are missing data in your Elite HRV log from Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, etc, or if the Elite HRV app is not sending selected data to the integrated app, there are a few items you can check to be sure the integration is set up correctly.

1. Check the permissions you have selected or not selected for the integration. You can click on the integrated app to check the permissions you have or have not enabled:

Go to the settings menu by clicking your profile picture (or blue circle) in top right corner:

Choose "Other app integrations"

Select the integration that is missing information

Make sure there is a blue check mark next to the parameter you think is not being shared - if there isn't, click on the parameter and enable it

Note that you may need to disconnect and then reconnect the app if the permissions will not update.

2. Check the login email address of the app you have connected; if you have multiple Google accounts, for example, the incorrect one could have been connected to Elite HRV. You can check by disconnecting the integration, then when you reconnect, double check the email address associated with the app you are trying to integrate with. Then, reconnect to confirm the email address:

And you can also check the connection of the sleep app/device to Google Fit as described in this Google help article: https://support.google.com/fit/answer/9399034?hl=en-GB

For Apple Health: disconnect, restart your phone, then reconnect Apple Health to Elite HRV. You can do this by revoking the permissions from the Apple Health side.

3. Clear the cache on your mobile browser. Cached data can hang up the connection process. Clear Cache on Mobile Browser

4. Check the email you have used to log into the Elite HRV app, make note of it, and log out. Log back in, then wait 2 minutes so the readings can start saving to the database.

5. Clear EHRV app cache: Clear App Cache

6. Fresh app installation: How to Uninstall and Reinstall the App

7. Apple Health permissions: check these if sleep or other data is not coming over: You'll want to make sure that the permission inside the Apple Health app have all been checked. See (2) photos below.


Also, please be aware that not all apps let us pull historical data into Elite HRV, and may only give us access to new data or the very last data entry. 


  1. Q: What if I think there is a bug with my integration?
    1. First, visit https://help.elitehrv.com/article/356-bugs-and-fixes-we-are-working-on to find out if this is a known issue - if it is, please rest assured that we are actively working to get it fixed! This page is updated, so you can revisit it to see if any progress has been made toward the fix, or if the fix is available in a new update.

      Second, if your bug is not listed in the above link, please email support@elitehrv.com to work with our customer support staff to either work around the bug, or to report it to our app developers.

  2. Q: I've purchased the Strava integration feature. However, it seems it imports the recording time instead of the movement time. That is, if I go cycling for 4 hours and take a 1 hour break in between, the recording time is 5 hours, but the moving time is 4 hours. Strava differentiates between this. Would it be possible to import the movement time instead of the recording time?
    1. Elite HRV records the total workout duration from an integration, not the amount of time spent moving. In the case of Strava, we do have the ability to use the 'moving' time instead of the actual time, but that will lead to an incorrect end time for the activity. This is probably an area where users will be expecting one or the other depending on the context. However, since the end time will likely be inaccurate if we use the 'moving' time vs the actual time, we feel with our current design it makes more sense to continue using the actual time.
  3. Q: Would it be possible to import the workout intensity from Strava? Right now I have to adjust the tag manually if I want to include the intensity.
    1. This data is not currently provided through Strava's API. 
  4. Q: I have Apple Health or Google Fit connected, but am getting multiple sleep entries per night.
    1. The Elite HRV app should be able to identify and eliminate duplicate sleep entires. However, if you are using an app that automatically tracks your sleep and how many times you wake up during the night, those sleep chunks are coming over from that app. Without making assumptions on the part of the user, we cannot merge these sleep chunks into one sleep session per night.

      If you would like to see where these sleep chunks are coming from, you will likely be able to view them in the app you use to track sleep. For example, iOS users who use AutoSleep: go into the details section of Apple Health. Under "Privacy," choose "Apps." Click on AutoSleep. Choose "data," then, "sleep." Here you can view the log of the sleep sessions AutoSleep has tracked for you. 

      If you would rather see one sleep session per night, we would recommend turning off the permission that allows Elite HRV to pull sleep data, and entering your sleep duration and quality manually after your Morning Readiness reading.

  5. Q: Is there an API available for Elite HRV?
    1. At this time, we do not have an API available. 
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