3rd Party Integration Troubleshooting

If you are missing data in your Elite HRV log from Apple Health, Google Fit, Strava, etc, or if the Elite HRV app is not sending selected data to the integrated app, there are a few items you can check to be sure the integration is set up correctly.

1. Check the permissions you have selected or not selected for the integration. You can click on the integrated app to check the permissions you have or have not enabled:

Go to the "more" menu (button on the bottom far right) and hit "Link Other Apps or Services": 

On this screen, you can see which apps you have integrated with. Choose the app you need to check the permissions for:

On that screen, you can see the permissions. Make sure they are all toggled on.

Note that you may need to disconnect and then reconnect the app if the permissions will not update.

2. Check the login email address of the app you have connected; if you have multiple Google accounts, for example, the incorrect one could have been connected to Elite HRV. You can check by disconnecting the integration, then when you reconnect, double check the email address associated with the app you are trying to integrate with:

Then, reconnect:

Be sure you're choosing the correct Google Fit account:

Also, please be aware that not all apps let us pull historical data into Elite HRV, and may only give us access to new data or the very last data entry. 

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