Can I Use Elite HRV for my Research Project?

You can use the Elite HRV app to collect HRV data for your research participants. Most researchers will also use the Team Web Dashboard to aggregate and analyze all HRV data collected by the Elite HRV app. Normally, the researcher will set up the Team, add their research participants as "team members," and once HRV data is collected via the app, the data will sync to the dashboard. Here is a demo of the dashboard in action:

The Team Dashboard allows you to set up your participants with their own email addresses, so they can remotely log into their Elite HRV account and take readings on their own, or you can set it up to where only you can take readings for your participants during the study. For context, the most common use of the Team Dashboard is by coaches who have their clients take HRV readings daily at home, and then the coach is able to view their data remotely from the dashboard. For researchers, however, it may be more desirable to take the readings WITH the participants in person.

For a more comprehensive guide to using the Team Dashboard for research, please see this document: Team Dashboard for Research

We may also have options to help support your research. The support details depend on the type of research project. If this is of interest, please give us some information about your project using this quick form: Research Application

If the application is accepted, you will receive communication from our support team regarding getting started with the platform.

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