CorSense - iOS Connection Troubleshooting

If you have tried our more basic connection troubleshooting steps here (link), you can use these advanced steps to troubleshoot the CorSense connection to your iPhone.

1a. Please do the following in order:

  • Turn your Bluetooth off (if you have it on)
  • Delete CorSense from Devices screen inside Elite HRV app
  • Log out of the app - save login email and password
  • Uninstall app
  • Shut your phone off for several minutes
  • Turn it back on
  • Reinstall the app
  • Log back in and see if you can do a 1-minute snapshot, allow the app to connect with the CorSense automatically

1b. If you would please do a manual reset of the CorSense:

  • To reset the CorSense, plug the unit into a power source with the supplied USB charging cable. 
  • Unplug and re-plug it 4 times consecutively.
  • The blue light on top of the CorSense should flash consistently to show the device has reset.
  • After resetting the unit, we recommend you fully charge the unit before trying it again.

If the issue persists, please make sure that the sensor is ONLY connected through the Elite HRV app, not through your phone's Bluetooth settings: Ensure Heart Rate Monitor is Not Connected in Bluetooth Settings
It may help to turn off any other nearby heart rate sensors.  We've had other instances of this happening where another electronic device has grabbed the CorSense Bluetooth connection instead of a phone. Common culprits include laptops, TVs, TV remotes, and even home security equipment. Many of these have Bluetooth set to "always on" even when the device itself is off or on standby.

IMPORTANT: Make sure all Elite HRV app permissions are granted.

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