Using Biofeedback Readings with Your Team Members

Depending on the goals you have set for your Team members, you may wish to have them take Biofeedback readings in addition to their Morning Readiness readings. Here we have compiled some useful information for Team Owners who want to track their member's progress with Biofeedback:

1. Create your team: How to create Team, invite members: Add and Manage Team Members

2. Have them take a Morning Readiness reading daily to build their HRV baseline and track their long-term HRV: Why HRV Morning Readiness?

3. HRV Biofeedback during your session/intervention or at home - daily, biweekly, or any frequency you wish to have them do.

4. Use the Team Dashboard to review their results: How to use the Trends View, Data Table Overview (the dashboard has been updated since these videos, but they are good overviews)

5. If you need to export your patient data for your records, you can do so in a spreadsheet: Exporting Data From The Web/Team Dashboard

6. You may also want to create PDF reports if you want to go over a specific reading in detail with a patient: How to Create a PDF Report in the Dashboard

If you plan on having your patients find their Resonant Breathing pace, we recorded a Resonance training webinar our HRV Biofeedback instructor did; here is the link to our Youtube Channel with the recorded seminar.

Please see this article for more information about the Biofeedback readings themselves: What is HRV Biofeedback?

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